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Small feature saves troubleshooting time

How can "output peak rate" help?

From a happy partner
The new AW+-OS 5.4.8-0.2 has already saved me personally, a bunch of time in troubleshooting.

Last night I was called to troubleshoot a fresh deployment of AT 10G switches.  
Thanks to the new bandwidth throughput information available on a "show interface" command, I was able to prove the issue was NOT related to the Allied Telesis AT-XS900MX 10G switches we had installed earlier in the week.
The customer had plugged in some 10G-capable servers into the AT-x930 & AT-XS916MXT switches and said that they were only getting about 1Gbps throughput instead of 10Gbps.  
They wanted to check that the switches were configured correctly.
Using the show interface command, with the awesome extra info such as Output Peak Rate, we could see the switches were pushing through nearly 10Gbps of traffic no problem at all.  Beautiful.
Just wanted to say thank you for getting this information added as requested a few months back.'
XS916#show int port 1.0.9
Interface port1.0.9
  Scope: both
  Link is UP, administrative state is UP
    Status Not Detected, Action learn-disable, Timeout 1(s)
  Hardware is Ethernet, address is 0000.xxxx.xxxx
  Description: myServer 2x10G links
  index 5009 metric 1 mru 1500
  current duplex full, current speed 10000, current polarity mdi
  configured duplex auto, configured speed auto, configured polarity auto
  SNMP link-status traps: Disabled
    input packets 426907057, bytes 292342223038, dropped 0, multicast packets 50975
    output packets 471870845, bytes 354412605238, multicast packets 2225801, broadcast packets 1317362
    input average rate : 30 seconds 6.98 Mbps, 5 minutes 3.08 Mbps
    output average rate: 30 seconds 15.41 Mbps, 5 minutes 22.60 Mbps
    input peak rate 1.09 Gbps at 2018/04/24 19:42:56
    output peak rate 9.22 Gbps at 2018/05/02 15:56:15
  Time since last state change: 7 days 22:36:26
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