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UFO helps protecting guests on your network

Internet access is today a major requirement like electricity and water. Whether we are looking for a Hotel Room, an apartment a shared office or even a good hospital, proper and secure Internet access is a must have.
Yes, secure, this is the big issue commonly underestimated by hospitality providers. A properly designed enterprise network is the foundation but it is not enough for protecting hotel clients’ devices from each other.
As a matter of fact, the good of Ethernet is allowing each connected device to communicate with any other without limitations, but when individuals using the same network are not part of the same organization or the same family this feature becomes a danger.
Here is where UFO (Upstream Forwarding Only) comes to the rescue enabling the communication between client ports and common services like internet access or video streaming services, while blocking any communication between clients.
Activating UFO on a private VLAN has the same effect as creating one dedicated VLAN per client port with few simple global commands regardless of how many client or service ports are involved.
UFO does for wired connections what Client Isolation feature does for wireless connection. Therefore both features shall be implemented and active on every network dedicated to customer access.
From AlliedWare Plus version 5.4.7-2.1 onwards, Upstream Forwarding Only (UFO) can be configured on a per VLAN basis, removing many of the Private VLAN trunk restrictions. This means that:
  •  Regular VLANs can now coexist with UFO VLANs on the same ports.
  •  VLANs can belong to different port groups.
  •  Ports do not all have to be trunk ports.
For configuration details and for planning and configuring UFO VLAN, as well as any kind of VLAN, see the VLANs Feature Overview and Configuration Guide.
Applies to IE510-28GSX-80, IE300 Series, x510L Series, x510 Series, and x930 Series switches.
Be sure that your AlliedWare Plus network devices are loaded with release 5.4.7-2.1 or newer.

This is another reason for keeping your entire network covered with our Net.Cover maintenance plans. In case of doubt please contact us for a free check of the maintenance status of your network. Go to for the closest office.

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