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Automatically Transfer Subscription Licenses between nodes with AMF

How can I transfer Subscription licenses to replacement equipment in case of fault?

Subscription licenses enable functionalities that in most cases are fundamental to proper network operations. Therefore an automatic equipment replacement mechanism would not be complete without transferring the license entitlement to the new device.
AMF and AlliedWare Plus allow for an immediate activation of the transferred license that will enable the premium functionalities for 28 days.
This gives the network manager plenty of time for registering with Allied Telesis the transfer of the license to the new Serial Number and for obtaining the new key to be loaded into the replacement equipment.
Be sure that your AMF master/controller and your AlliedWare Plus network devices are loaded with release 5.4.8-0.2 or newer since the time when AMF backs up the configurations.

This is another reason for keeping your entire network covered with our Net.Cover maintenance plans. In case of doubt please contact us for a free check of the maintenance status of your network.
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