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Using the findme feature on AlliedWare Plus switches.

Using the findme feature on AlliedWare Plus switches.


You’ve got a ton of devices in a data center.  You’re a remote network engineer working with a field tech who is onsite.  The field tech is not familiar with the data center layout, or perhaps has inaccurate information regarding the rack location of a switch that requires troubleshooting.  Or, maybe you need to identify which x610 chassis within a stack of 8 members is member #3, but the switches aren’t labeled or are labeled incorrectly.  Is there a way to use a switch’s LED’s to visually identify the correct device for your tech?


AW+ switches have a FindMe feature that can be used via the CLI to flash switchport LED’s continuously for up to 1hr.  All switchports can be lit up, or a range of ports, or even just one port.  So, a remote engineer can provide visual cues to remote hands onsite, i.e “connect the new cable to the port with the flashing light.”  Or, “We need to power-cycle the switch with the flashing lights, but not the others.”  This feature is used from within privileged exec mode.
Flashes all LED’s for 60 seconds
Switch-B#findme timeout 60
Flashes all LED’s on member 2 of a stack (default time is 60 seconds)
Switch-B#findme member 2
Flashes LED’s for ports 1-10 for 2 minutes
Switch-B#findme interface port1.0.1-1.0.10 timeout 120
Turns off an active findme activity
Switch-B#no findme
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