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RMA Policy 2020 - EMEA

RMA Policy

RMA Policy 2020 - EMEA Region

Compliance with law:
Export license number global: NL0074CDIU0068514
Export number general: EU001 NL0074CDIU0009524

  • If Dual Use Goods are being shipped on this RMA, these goods are exported in line with Article 22 (10) of the EU Dual Use Goods Regulation. These goods are subject to export controls and an export license will be required if exporting these goods outside of the EU.
  • Customer cannot sell, license, or otherwise ship, directly or indirectly, any such Allied Telesis products or technical data for export or re-export into the embargoed countries identified by the U.S. Department of Commerce or identified by the applicable authorities within the Territory.

Scope of this policy:

The following explains the Allied Telesis Inc. RMA (Return Material Authorisation) Policy.  It covers all requests for faulty product returns.  These include:
  • DOA (Dead on Arrival)
  • Warranty Replacement
  • Out of warranty replacement
RMA orders for products covered by a support program, will be processed in accordance with the service levels of the purchased Net.Cover Support Plan

Any queries regarding this policy should be addressed to

Out of box or DOA failures are defined as a product which fails within 30 days of purchase. These units will be exchanged free of charge on an advance replacement basis. The customer must return the faulty product, within 30 days of the RMA having been issued, using Allied Telesis’s free courier service*. If after 30 days, the faulty product is not received by Allied Telesis, the customer will be invoiced for the unit(s) at full market value.

All products in warranty and over 30 days old will be replaced free of charge.  The customer is responsible for the shipment of the faulty unit(s) to the Allied Telesis Repair Centre.  Allied Telesis Inc. will endeavour to replace these units within 60 working days of receipt at the Allied Telesis Repair Centre.  Allied Telesis will cover the cost of shipping the replacement unit(s) to the address indicated by the customer*.

Allied Telesis will, at its discretion, offer a Net Cover Assist service to replace out of warranty products, subject to the customer agreeing Allied Telesis’s replacement charge. An exact product replacement may not always be possible and Allied Telesis does not guarantee the offer of replacement for products outside warranty and not covered by a service contract. Allied Telesis will cover the cost of shipping the replacement products*, on an advance replacement basis.   The customer is responsible for the shipment of the defective units to the Allied Telesis Repair Centre. 

*Allied Telesis only accepts RMA requests for products to be replaced within the country they were originally sold, unless the customer is willing to pay for all related freight costs.

  • R.M.A. is for defective hardware only. No other hardware or accessories should be returned. This includes: modules, cards, CD, user guide, wires, cables, Allied Telesis Inc. will take no responsibility for unauthorised returns. Units returned without authorisation may be returned to the customer, at the customer’s expense or scrapped.
  • No Fault Found (product in warranty).  Where the returned unit is found to have no fault, or symptoms different to those reported to the Allied Telesis Technical Assistance Center (TAC), Allied Telesis Inc. reserves the right to invoice the customer a charge of $100.00+ shipping to cover transport and administration costs.
  • Customers taking advantage of the free advance replacement service, are deemed to be agreeing to the following condition. They will be invoiced the market value of the advance replacement if the faulty unit(s) are not received by Allied Telesis within 30 days from the date the RMA was shipped.
  • Damaged goods - Should any product returned under the advance replacement service, be damaged by customer negligence in such a way as to invalidate the warranty, then the customer will be invoiced for the replacement unit(s) at full market value. The customer will be given the option of having the damaged goods replaced as a chargeable replacement, having them returned in the same condition at his cost, or scrapped at the Allied Telesis Repair Centre.
  • Incorrect Goods - Where goods are returned which differ to those sent out under the advance replacement program, Allied Telesis Inc. reserves the right to reject these goods back to the customer at the customer’s expense.  The customer will also be invoiced the market value of the replacement product.
  • Any customer using the Allied Telesis free courier service without first having received an authorised RMA number will be invoiced for any costs this unauthorised use incurs, including but not limited to shipping and administration charges.
  • Any customer using their own courier to return goods to Allied Telesis Inc. must ensure that all freight costs are paid to the door. Allied Telesis will not accept any goods with freight or duty owing.
  • Allied Telesis Inc. reserves the right to ship the nearest functionally equivalent unit to the customer, should there be no exact replacement available.
  • The Product warranty does not cover damage from accident, acts of God, neglect, contamination, misuse or abnormal conditions of operation or handling, including over-voltage failures caused by use outside of the product’s specified rating, or normal wear and tear of mechanical components.
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