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Why are only half the ports on my PoE device powered?

Occasionally you will run into Powered Devices that do not report their PoE power classification. This is an optional step that the Powered Camera or Phone manufacturer must take while making these items. In the instances where this has not been done, the switch will read the port as a Class 0 PoE device and will, by default, reserve the maximum available power for that port. This process can be overwritten by consoling into the switch and using the following command tree:
show power-inline //this will show you the power usage stats for each port, make note of this for the ##### command below.
config terminal
interface port1.0.1-1.0.n //Where n is the range of ports that you would like to overwrite.
power inline max ##### //This will set the power usage per port. Use the numbers in the "show power-inline" command above as a guideline, preferably rounding up a bit.
wr //this will write the configuration changes to flash so that they are persistent through reboot

After following these commands, providing you've purchased the correct switch and do have enough power to run all your devices, they should now light up. If they do not after running these commands please call into Allied Telesis Technical support for further troubleshooting.
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