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Ensuring that the NMS Services are running on Windows

Why isn't my NMS working?

Sometimes after power outages or other disrupting events occur, NMS may not start up automatically.

This can be quite troublesome for NMS admins in ascertaining why their NMS isn't working.

A good place to start is to inspect that all 3 NMS services are running.

These 3 services are:
    1.  AlliedView NMS - handles the polling and provisioning.
    2.  AlliedView NMS DB - handles the database back end functions.
    3.  AlliedView NMS Tomcat - handles the presentation logic of data.

With local admin privileges, the Services window can be accessed (Windows 2008 R2 - Windows 7) by going to Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools and clicking on "Services".

Or it is possible to click on the Start and type "services.msc".

For the 3 aforementioned services, check and see that they are running.

Right-click on the prospective service and select "Properties".

A new window will appear, from which you will select the "Recovery" tab.

For all failure types ("First Failure", "Second Failure", and "Subsequent Failure"), ensure that "Restart the Service" is selected from the drop down.

Once this is done, then restart (or start) the service.

For more details, please view attached screenshots.



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