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How do I generate a show techsupport file on a NextGen iMG?

How do I generate and retrieve a show techsupport file off a NextGen iMG (1000 & 2000 model series)?

Establish a telnet session to the device.  Enter the command "show tech-support", or "show tech".  After running the show tech-support command, run the "dir" command to verify the techsupport file was created and saved in flash.
awplus# show tech
Generating output ....
Generated output to tech-support-19700120-011930.txt
awplus# dir
    5480 default.cfg
  149410 tech-support-19700120-011930.txt ß----------------
   26839 default_button.cfg
   38023 b001.cfg
   30136 bootstrap.cfg
Using TFTP via an IP connection, copy the file to a TFTP server or TFTP server/client app using the copy command.
** copy [file name as saved in flash] tftp://[IP of TFTP destination][file name of your choosing.txt] **
awplus# copy tech-support-19700120-011930.txt tftp://
Starting TFTP copy
tech-support-1970012 100% |*******************************|   146k --:--:-- ETA
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