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What basic configuration are needed to setup an IMAP

Basic System Configuration Commands

Logging Into the MAP – First time
From the console – log into the MAP
User Access Verification
username: officer
password: officer
Verifying System Status
Verify system status and cards are present and operational
officer SEC>> show system
Verify Card Inventory and Status
Verify the MAP has correct card inventory and card status
officer SEC>> show card all
Verify all alarms are clear.  If only one of the two power leads are connected, you should see an alarm stating “Power A (or B) Failed”
officer SEC>> show alarms all
Configure the general system parameters.
officer SEC>> set system name “MAP_XX”
officer SEC>> set system location “Reading,UK”
officer SEC>> set system contact “Name”
officer SEC>> set system hostname “Stockholm1”
officer SEC>> set system domainname “”
officer SEC>> set system dns x.x.x.x,y.y.y.y
officer SEC>> set system date yyyy-mm-dd
officer SEC>> set system time hh:mm:ss
officer SEC>> set prompt “MAP_XX %u”
officer SEC>> set loginbanner string “Training System Only!!” all
 The SET PROMPT command is used to define a new, default CLI
 command prompt for user login sessions.  The prompt string can
 contain alphanumeric text and special tokens.  The special
 tokens identify dynamic information in the prompt.  The  
 following are special tokens supported for the prompt:
    %d - The current date in YYYY/MM/DD format
    %i - The management IP address of the device
    %n - The hostname of the device as defined by the
                 SET SYSTEM HOSTNAME command
    %s - The current security level of the user
    %t - The current time in HH:MM:SS format in 24-hour format
    %u - The name of the user logged in to a given session . . .


Basic Connectivity Setup

Setup the out-of-band management port (on the faceplate of the CFC)
officer SEC>> add ip int mgmt ipaddress x.x.x.x subnetmask gateway x.x.x.1
officer SEC>> enable ip int mgmt
officer SEC>> show ip int


Basic VLAN configuration

Creating a VLAN and assigning a port
officer SEC>> create vlan inband vid 50
officer SEC>> add vlan inband (or 50) int 10.0 frame (un)tagged

Inband Management Setup

officer SEC>> add ip int vlan:50.0 ipaddress x.x.x.x subnetmask y.y.y.y gateway x.x.x.1
officer SEC>> enable ip int vlan:50.0
officer SEC>> enable telnet server
Note: The telnet server is disabled by default for security reasons
Note: Only 1 IP interface for management may be enable at 1 time.  Cards requiring separate IP addresses (POTS, CES) may be enabled simultaneously


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