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What is needed to get event notifications from NMS 15.0

Breakdown of steps required to configure the Alarm Filter Action in NMS
6.3 Updating Event and Alarm Filter Actions
If you are using event filters, you may need to update the filter actions for the NMS 15.0. You must modify settings for any
Trap, Email and Run Command filter actions you are currently using in event or alarm filters. Otherwise, the filter actions
will not work correctly in the NMS.
Note: You do not need to modify all existing filter actions, only Trap, Email and Run Command type filter actions that are currently
used by an event or alarm filter. Suppress and Custom filter actions will continue to work correctly in the NMS 15.0.
1. In the Network Objects panel, go to Fault Management > Network Events.
2. From the menu, go to Edit > Configure > Event Filters. The Event Filters screen appears.
3. Click to open the Add Action screen. The screen contains lists of available filter actions.
4. Select the Trap, Email or Run Command tab.
5. In the Filter Actions List, select the filter action you want to modify.
6. Select the Advanced tab.
7. Enter the following values:
Trap filter actions:
Handler Impl For Events: com.adventnet.nms.eventdb.SendTrapEventAction
Handler Impl for Alerts: com.adventnet.nms.eventdb.SendTrapAlertAction
Email filter actions:
Handler Impl For Events: com.adventnet.nms.eventdb.SendEmailEventAction
Handler Impl for Alerts: com.adventnet.nms.eventdb.SendEmailAlertAction
Run Command filter actions:
Handler Impl For Events: com.adventnet.nms.eventdb.FilterCommandEventAction
Handler Impl for Alerts: com.adventnet.nms.eventdb.FilterCommandAlertAction
8. Click Edit each time you modify the fields on the Advanced tab. You must click Edit to save the new settings to the filter
If you are using Email filter actions, you must also re-enter the SMTP settings for each SMTP account. SMTP accounts are
not carried over from previous versions of the NMS.
9. Select the Email tab.
10. On the General tab, click Configure. The SMTP Configuration box appears.
11. Under Account Details, enter the information for the SMTP accounts you want to add. Use the following buttons:
Add - Add the SMTP account to the SMTP Accounts list.
Edit - Save modifications to the selected SMTP account.
Delete - Delete the selected SMTP account.
Reset - Clear the fields to allow you to add a new SMTP account.
Click OK when you have finished adding SMTP accounts.
12. Exit the Add Action and Event Filters screens.
13. Restart the NMS server. You must restart the server for changes to take effect.
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