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Why Does my IMAP show as a 10700 in the description?

If you see "Allied Telesis 10700 Multiservice Access Platform" when you enter the command "show system" then below is the reason why.

The determination of shelf description (OID) is a combination of backplane strapping (hardware) and software. If the backplane strapping indicates that it’s an iMAP 9700 shelf, then during the software IPL initialization phase the shelf OID in software gets set based on what the CFC hardware/software is.  If it is CFC24 then it gets mapped to "Allied Telesis 9700 Multiservice Access Platform", but if it’s a CFC56 then it gets mapped to "Allied Telesis 10700 Multiservice Access Platform".  Somewhere in the past, someone wanted the shelf product OID to be different for 9700 with CFC56 to indicate that it’s the iMAP 10G 700 product family, which is what the 10700 number represents.

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