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How To Install An NMS 15.x License

How can I install an NMS 15.x license?

    The NMS License Key Manager is used to apply license keys provided by Allied Telesis.  To install a license key in Windows, first run the License Manager by selecting Start->All Programs->AlliedViewNMS->Tools->License Key Installer.  The License Manger can also be launched from the Allied Telesis\AlliedView NMS\bin directory, by running the AT_LicenseKeyInstaller.bat file.  In Linux navigate to /opt/AlliedTelesis/AlliedViewNMS/bin and launch the script. 

NOTE:  if you get the following error "bad interpreter: No such file or directory”, you will need to run the dos2unix script first to convert the file to the UNIX format and then run the key installer script.

   The key installer GUI will open, browse and select your license file.  To verify the license after installation launch the NMS server and client.  Select from the toolbar Tools-> Status Monitoring, then select License Keys to see the license information.  If the server is started, and the key is found to be invalid, the server is stopped. 

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