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How do I configure Loop Protection on a NextGEN iMG

Loop Protection

Below is the commands needed in order to configure Loop Protection. Please note that i set the Link Down Frame(LDF) to 30 seconds and the timeout to 10. I also set the loop protection action to "link-down".

     conf t
     loop-protection loop-detect
     loop-protection loop-detect ldf-interval 30
      loop-protection timeout 10
      int port1.0.1
      loop-protection action link-down

• Testing Procedure: I Looped port1.0.1 with port1.0.2.
• Testing Results

show loop-protection

    Interface:           port1.0.1
        Action:           linkdown
        Status:           Loop protection active - no traffic

    Interface:           port1.0.2
        Action:           none
        Status:           Normal

    Interface:           port1.0.3
        Action:           none
        Status:           Normal

    Interface:           port1.0.4
        Action:           none
        Status:           Normal

    Interface:           port1.0.5
        Action:           none
        Status:           Normal
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