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What is AMF Auto Provisioning

Auto Provisioning

AMF Auto Provisioning diagram
New nodes can be added to the network with zero-touch
  • Firmware and configuration are automatically pushed from the Master
  • The node will be added to the daily back-up
  • Auto-provisioning removes network growth risks
  • New nodes are isolated until the Master configures them
  • The AMF management VLAN is kept loop-free by AMF
  • Skilled engineers are not required on-site to add new nodes
  • Local staff can add new nodes with plug-and-play functionality
  • New nodes can be accessed remotely for specific configuration
New devices can be completely pre configured offline & then provisioned with zero-touch when connected to the network.
  • Create a new node in the backup file-set on the AMF master (either from scratch or by cloning an existing node).
  • Edit the device configuration file in the AMF master backup file-set as required.
  • Configure any additional AMF links required on neighbouring nodes.
  • Inform AMF of the link(s) on which to expect the new node to be connected.
When the new switch is connected:
  • Firmware and configuration for the node are automatically pushed from the AMF Master backup.
  • The new node will be automatically added to the daily back-up.
The following video shows how AMF Auto Provisioning works
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