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What is AMF Auto Upgrade

Auto Upgrade

AMF Auto Upgrade diagram
Firmware upgrades can be rolled out to the entire AMF network
  • Alternately, working-sets (e.g. “edge switches”) allow the choice of which nodes to upgrade
  • The chosen nodes receive new firmware, and are then rebooted
  • Rolling reboot allows the nodes to be rebooted one at a time to maximize network uptime
  • Rolling reboot can even be scheduled overnight to minimize disruption
  • Auto-upgrade simplifies a normally time consuming task
‘Distribute firmware’ can be used to propagate new firmware without the automatic reboot.
  • By means of wildcards the latest release can automatically selected from external media (i.e. ‘atmf distribute firmware card:*.rel’ will sensibly work out the latest release file present on the external media for each switch model)
  • If a specific release is specified, rolling SW update can also be used for a rolling downgrade
  • There is also a mechanism (atmf distribute firmware) to roll-out firmware versions without the reboot
  • The reboot-rolling command can also be used just for reboot (without firmware up/downgrade)
  • The reboot-rolling & distribute firmware commands can use a URL to specify the location of the firmware. Where a release file is located on a remote device (e.g. TFTP, HTTP, etc.), then the URL should specify the exact release filename without using wild card characters.

The following video shows how Auto Upgrade works
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