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How do I manage user traffic with IMAP?

Traffic Management

Below are some suggested CLI commands to assist in traffic management.


officer SEC>> create classifier video ipdest multicast vid 10
officer SEC>> add action classifier video setvlanpriority 4
officer SEC>> create classifier voice vid 30
officer SEC>> add action classifier voice setvlanpriority 5
officer SEC>> create classifier data vid 20
officer SEC>> add action classifier data setvlanpriority 0
officer SEC>> add classifier video int 10.0 prec 150
officer SEC>> add classifier voice int all prec 140
officer SEC>> add classifier data int 1.0-1.9 prece 160
officer SEC>> create trafficdescriptor gold rate 2000k burst 64kb
officer SEC>> add trafficdescriptor gold classifier data ncdrop nccount
officer SEC>> create egresslimiter 5mcustomer rate 5000k burst 64k
officer SEC>> add egresslimiter 5mcustomer
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