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How do you configure the Hook Flash Timers for an iMG through NMS?

How to configure the Hook Flash Timers for iMG through NMS. Note there is an attachment with screen captures for this walk through.
Select profiles from the list in the column to the left.
Double click the MGCP or SIP profile you are using.

Select or deselect one of the boxes in the “new line Configuration” section. That will remove the “Advanced line Params” button from being greyed out.
Click on the “Advanced Line Params button”
You can adjust the hook timers in the left hand column. When you have them set the way you want select “Done” and the Advanced Line Attributes window will close.

Default Timers:

Off Hook Timer:
offhook 250ms time that qulifies as an offhook
Hook Flash Timer:
hookflash 100ms is the min amount that qulifies as a hookflash
On Hook Timer:
onhook 350ms tim that qulifies as onhook
Select Modify in order to save the changes. You will need to re-deploy the profile In order for the iMGs to get updated




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