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how do you configure the Hook Flash Timer on a NextGen iMG?

Here is how you configure the Hook Flash Timer on a NextGen iMG

Conf t
awplus#(config)# voice-port tel1
awplus(config-voice-port)# timing hookflash-input 100

Here is the default timer info:

offhook 250ms time that qulifies as an offhook
hookflash 100ms is the min amount that qulifies as a hookflash
onhook 350ms tim that qulifies as onhook

Here is a look at the other options you have for timers in case you need them.

awplus(config-voiceport)# timing ?
hookflash-input Configure the maximum time to qualify a hook-flash
offhook-input Configure the minimum time to qualify an off-hook event
onhook-input Configure the minimum time to qualify an on-hook event

Please verify the configuration looks like mine below.

awplus# show voice port tel1

Type of VoicePort is FXS
Operation State is Disabled
Administrative State is Disabled
Call state is Idle
Country is IT
Line input gain is -6 dB
Line output attenuation is 0 dB
Echo cancellation is Enabled
Playout delay mode is Fixed
Playout delay is 60 ms
Hook flash in timing is 100 ms
Off Hook Input 250 ms
On Hook Input 350 ms
Off hook to first digit timeout range is 0-16000 ms
Interdigit timeout range is 0-4000 ms
Ringing interval is 180 seconds
Dial mode is DTMF
Disconnect Supervision (OSI) is Enabled
Caller ID type 1 (on-hook) is Disabled
Caller ID type 2 (call waiting) is Disabled
Caller ID signal is None
Caller ID standard is ETSI
Caller ID mechanism is FSK
Caller ID alerting time is During Ring
Caller ID Blocking is Disabled
Call Waiting is Disabled
Call Forward Unconditional is Disabled
Call Forward Busy is Disabled
Call Forward No Answer is Disabled
Number of rings before No-Answer is declared is 3
Warmline is Disabled
Call Forward External is Disabled
Supplementary Service Prefix is Disabled
Call Hold is Disabled
Visual Message Waiting Indicator transmission is Disabled
Conference Call is Disabled
Blind Call Transfer is Disabled
Consulted Call Transfer is Disabled

Priority Codec name Status Vad Status Packetization
Low G.711MuLaw Enabled Enabled 10,20,30
Low G.711ALaw Enabled Enabled 10,20,30
Low G.726 Disabled Enabled 10,20,30
Low G.729 Disabled Enabled 10,20,30
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