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Activating MAC address filtering on the AT-WL2411

Activate the MAC address filtering on the AT-WL2411

Activating MAC address filtering requires firmware version 1.8 or newer. 

To configure the Ethernet address table filtering do the following:

1. Establish a web browser session
2. Click on Ethernet Filters from the Ethernet menu
3. Click address table
4. Enter up to 20 MAC addresses. The address is entered as 6 hex pairs separated by spaces, colons or hyphens. The default is 00:00:00:00:00:00.
5. When you are finished, click Submit changes to save your changes.

You can also use advanced filters if you need more flexibility in your filtering. Advanced filters are only applied if the frame has passed the other filters. If earlier filters dropped the frame, advanced filter will not be applied.
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