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"Eco" Green mechanisms used by the AT-9000/28

How does the AT-9000/28 manage to be Green with lower power?

The AT-9000/28 uses a number of mechanisms to lower the overall power.

Using "Measure and Minimise" technology, each copper port detects the length of the twisted pair cable attached to each port. If the cable is short (maximum length is 100m), then the Switch will automatically inject less power into the cable, as there is less resistance and impedance to overcome. Therefore, as most cables attached to a Switch are not connected with the maximum length cables, power is saved.

A High Efficiency internal power supply (83% efficient) ensures that very little of the power consumed by the Switch is lost by the power supply. Much of the power loss in a power supply produces heat, so by using a highly efficient power supply, less heat is generated.

The AT-9000/28 has no large cooling fan, as the Switch generates so little internal heat. Large cooling fans require power, so a further saving is made by the exclusion of the fan.

"Eco-friendly" mode, which is selectable via the front panel Switch, turns off all the diagnostic LEDs on the front of the Switch. These can quickly and easily be turned back to an active state by pressing the button. When the LEDs are turned off, there is a 0.6W power saving.
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