Allied Telesis Support Portal

Contacting Allied Telesis for Support

How do I submit a technical support issue?

Prior to Reporting an Issue
Please search the published Articles in our Knowledgebase. We have published many Articles related to configuring your Allied Telesis product, customizing features, as well as how to troubleshoot specific types of errors and issues.

Submitting an Assistance Request
When submitting a request for assistance, requests that are clearly written and contain sufficient detail allow our Technical Support staff to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently. If you do not find your answer in our Knowledgebase, please submit an incident via the "Create New Case" button.

Include only one issue per incident. This allows our support staff to more efficiently respond to, and escalate issues. In addition, please supply the following details with each Support Request:
  • Product Model
  • Serial Number(s)
  • Detailed Description of the Issue

Obtaining Updates on Support Incidents
You can retrieve status updates in several ways. When you submit your incident and whenever one of our support engineers responds to your incident, you will receive an email notification.

You can log in to your account at any time and view your active Service Requests. You can view your incidents and obtain updates, such as status, replies, as well as update an incident with any new information.
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