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Allied Telesis Network Adapter (NIC) drivers for Microsoft Windows 7

Does Allied Telesis support Windows 7 for older NIC models?

Our current NIC models support Windows 7 via the driver version 6.3 in the installation file.

Please note, our older NIC models, including the AT-2700, AT-2450 and AT-2745 families are not supported on this installation file.

It is possible to use driver version 6.2 for support with Windows 7; however, we do not guarantee this method and offer no support for Windows 7 with these cards. Use of driver version 6.2 with these cards running on Windows 7 is at your own risk.

If you are using Windows 7, we recommended that you upgrade your NIC to a new model. For information on our line of NIC models, please use our NIC Product Selection Tool.
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