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All network traffic stops when installing new AT-GS950 or AT-FS750

I just deployed a new AT-GS950 series switch straight out of the box, shortly thereafter, all of my network traffic has stopped.

The information below is valid for all Allied Telesis AT-FS750 and AT-GS950 series Websmart switches.

The AT-FS750 and AT-GS950 series Websmart switches come from the factory with a pre-configured default IP address of As this is a very common private IP address with many different network vendors, it is likely that this IP address will be a duplicate IP address of another, already existing, piece of network equipment.

To fix this issue, you will need to disconnect the AT-FS750 or AT-GS950 switch from the rest of your network. You will then need to log into the management GUI by connecting a computer and assigning it an IP address in the same subnet as the switch. Once connected to the managment GUI, you can change the default IP address to an address that does not interfere with any other devices on your network.

For complete instructions on starting a management session and changing the IP address of your switch, please refer to the users manual for your switch. Users manuals can be located on the Allied Telesis website.
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