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Open Access SNMP AT-FS750 Series Switches

How do I create an Open Access SNMP on an AT-FS750 Series Switch?

SNMP is enabled by default on the AT-FS750 Series Switches. Because Public and Private are commonly used Community Strings, we suggest deleting these default communities and creating a new one with a more unique and secure name.

1. After logging in to the switch, select the SNMP folder.

2. From the SNMP folder, select Community Table.

3. Type an available entry number from 1 through 8 next to the Entry number field.

4. Select Read-Only or Read-Write in the Access field drop down depending on the type of Access you would like to authorize to this Community.

5. Type the name of the new SNMP community in the Community field. (Suggestion: name of company or management group)

6. Click Add

7. Save Configuration to Flash

After doing this, anyone that knows the name of the Community will have access through SNMP. If you prefer higher security, configure hosts so that only certain IP Addresses can access through SNMP.
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