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What is Winprep?

Winprep is our Network Adapter (NIC) driver installation application for Windows 2000, XP and ME. It is run before the Network Adapter (NIC) is installed into the computer. We suggest to download the latest card assistant driver for your adapter card.

Extract the .zip or .exe file onto a floppy disk.
Run Winprep.exe from the disk. Shut Down the computer and install the adapter.
When Windows restarts it will detect the Allied Telesis Adapter card.

If you installed the adapter before running Winprep do the following steps:

Remove the adpater listed in Device Manager.
Run Winprep
Restart the computer.

If this does not work, Shut Down and move the Network Adapter (NIC) into a different PCI slot. Sometimes there can be a conflict between the Network Adapter (NIC) and a video, sound, and or modem card.
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