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How To Submit a Service Desk Case / Incident (EMEA/CSA Net.Cover Customers)

I have a Net.Cover contract. How do I submit a support case/incident?


One of the benefits of the Net.Cover Support Programs, is priority access to the Allied Telesis Service Desk on support requests for products under contract.

With each Net.Cover contract registration you will receive the contract number for the registered product(s) and Service Desk contact details for your region. With first time registrations, your company and contact information will be added to our technical support database and you will receive your credentials to access the Online Service Portal, enabling prompt access to your Net.Cover services.

What you need to Submit a Support Request

When contacting our Service Desk please have the following information ready:   

  • The Net.Cover contract number of the product you require support for;

  • The model and serial number (S/N) of the product;

  • A description of the failure or issue and any troubleshooting steps taken to confirm it; 

  • The name and contact details of the technical person available to assist with further troubleshooting.

Contact the Service Desk

The EMEA Service Desk operates during normal business hours; Monday to Friday, 6am – 5pm.

There are three ways to open a technical support case:  

  1. Call us using the telephone number for your region, provided with your contract confirmation and on our support homepage.  

Provide the information requested above in the "What you need to Submit a Support Request" section and our Service Desk Agents will guide you through the process.  

  1. Log in to the Online Support Portal at  

Note: if you have issues accessing the support portal please refer to the “Possible Exceptions” section below.

Once logged in select “Create New Case/Search My Products”

Identify the product by S/N in the “My product” section and select “Create case for this product”

You can filter products by searching for the S/N or the product model in the search field.


Fill in the required information and "Submit Case". Providing clear, accurate and detailed information will help our Service Desk Agents to support you in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Note that fields marked * are mandatory to submit a technical support request.



Once you have submitted your case, you can review the information, provide additional information and attach files, i.e. logs, output, documents, pictures.

Technical support requests for products under a Net.Cover contract, will be placed at the front of the support queue and our agents will respond to your case promptly.

Possible Exceptions

Online Support Portal access issues

If you don’t remember your password  for, or if you are not sure you have received your credentials yet, you can attempt to gain access using the “Forgot your password?” link.

If the “Forgot your password” procedure does not work, please register using the “Sign Up” button.


Alternatively please contact us via phone at the numbers provided on the support homepage. 

Products missing in your personal area of the Support Page

If you cannot find your product registered on your Customer Support Portal, please submit the Case as follows:

  • Refer to your Net.Cover contract confirmation; this is provided when your products are registered against your contract purchase;

  • Verify if the product is included on the contract confirmation;

  • Go to the Customer Support Portal and  Click on “Create new case/Search my products” button;

  • Click on “Add Hardware Products & Create a Case”;


  • Fill in the required information and add your contract number in the Case Description;
  • Add the product model and serial number;

  • "Submit Case"

After submitting the case, the Service Desk team will verify the information and will ensure the HW Asset is correctly recorded under your organisation's profile.

If you don’t have your contract confirmation to hand, or if the product S/N is not recorded on your contract confirmation, submit the case without any reference to the contract number. The Service Desk team will establish the warranty and service status of your product and process the case accordingly.

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