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How To Request an RMA (EMEA/CSA Net.Cover Customers)

I have a Net.Cover contract. How do I request an RMA?


Allied Telesis Net.Cover customers can benefit from the Online Support Portal's asset management feature, when submitting an RMA request.

Upon receipt of a valid Net.Cover registration, your products and their related Net.Cover service contracts, will be added to your organisation's account profile, ensuring prompt access to your Net.Cover service entitlements. All you need to do is log in and open an RMA request for the faulty product.

Credentials for the Online Support Portal will be provided after your first Net.Cover registration. If you have not received your credentials, or wish to obtain access for another member of your organisation, you can request these by submitting a Technical Support Request:

How To Submit a Service Desk Case / Incident (EMEA/CSA Net.Cover Customers)

Information you need to request an RMA

  • The hardware serial number (S/N) of the faulty product(s);

  • A description of the failure symptoms;

  • The troubleshooting steps taken to confirm the fault;

  • Your user credentials to access your personal area within the Online Support Portal.

Requesting an RMA

Log in to the online support portal at

Click on the "Create New Case/Search My Products” button

Identify the product by S/N in the “My Products” section and click on “Create Case for this Product”. If you have a lot of products registered to your account, you can filter by searching for the S/N or product model in the search field.


Fill in the information required and select "Submit Case". Please help our Service Desk Agents to help you, by providing as clear, accurate and detailed information as possible.

Note that the fields marked * are a mandatory requirement to submit an RMA request.


Once you have submitted the case you can review and provide additional information, comments or attach files, i.e. logs, output, documents, pictures.

What happens next?

An Allied Telesis Service Desk Agent will forward and RMA request form to you and provide any assistance required to complete it. This ensures we have all the correct complementary information needed to complete your RMA, i.e. ship to address, site contact.

Upon receipt of the completed RMA form, the agent will validate the information provided and process your request. The Service Desk will contact you immediately, should any further information be needed to process your request.

When all the necessary information has been obtained, you will receive an email communication confirming all the details and a link to accept the Allied Telesis RMA terms and conditions. These terms and conditions must be accepted to complete the RMA request.

Once the T&Cs are accepted you will receive final confirmation of your RMA number and the service level offered:
  • In the case of an advance replacement RMA (Net.Cover Basic Plus customers) you will receive an RMA number, followed by the shipment confirmation and tracking number.

  • In the case of a return and repair RMA (Net.Cover Basic) you will receive an RMA number and instructions to return your product to the repair center. You will receive notification when your product(s) has been repaired along with the return shipping information and tracking number.

Before closing the RMA case, the Service Desk will contact you to verify that the RMA service was successful and the replacement / repaired product is working.

RMA for multiple products

If you have more than one faulty product to return, please follow the steps above for each product.

In the case of large numbers of faulty products, please submit the request as follows:

  • Open the case using one product / HW asset as above;

  • In the "Case Description" field, add the list of products you wish to return, along with the S/Ns and the fault descriptions;

  • The Service Desk will contact you directly to process the RMA request.

Please note: Allied Telesis Advance Replacement Services (Net.Cover Basic Plus) are not designed to accommodate batch returns of more than two units of the same product type on a single RMA request. Instances of faulty hardware should be reported to Allied Telesis immediately to qualify for the Advance Replacement Services. RMA requests for more than two units of the same product type may be subject to a change in service level, at the discretion of Allied Telesis and this will be notified to the customer clearly in writing at the time of the request.

Possible Exceptions

If you have trouble accessing the Online Support Portal please refer to:
How To Submit a Service Desk Case / Incident (EMEA/CSA Net.Cover Customers)

If you cannot find your product registered on the Online Support Portal, please submit the request as follows:

  • Refer to your Net.Cover contract confirmation; this is provided when your products are registered against your contract purchase;

  • Verify if the product is included on the contract confirmation;

  • Go to the Online Support Portal and  Click on “Create new case/Search my products” button;

  • Click on “Add Hardware Products & Create a Case”;

  • Fill in the required information and add your contract number in the "Case Description";

  • Add the product model and serial number;

  • "Submit Case".

After submitting the case, the Service Desk team will verify the information and will ensure the HW Asset is correctly recorded under your Organisation's profile.

If you don’t have your contract confirmation to hand, or if the product S/N is not recorded on your contract confirmation, submit the case without any reference to the contract number. The Service Desk team will establish the warranty status of your product and process the RMA accordingly.

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